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Join us at our House of FLOW for your next group class.  Click "Book Class" button to log in to your MINDBODY site or download the free MINDBODY app for self-service scheduling.  

FLOW Foundations

Begin or restart your yoga journey here. FLOW Foundations is a 45 minute yoga practice designed to build your skills, focus on alignment, + enhance body awareness in poses. The pace of FLOW Foundations is slower than our intermediate level class FLOW + Let Go to allow for additional cueing as well as exploration of modifications. Learn yoga fundamentals with shapes + breathwork as well as how to utilize props to support your individual needs. A must take class for anyone starting their yoga journey or anyone looking to refocus + realign their current practice.

FLOW + Stay Low

Get grounded with this 35 minute focus FLOW centered on floor poses. Build skills, strength, + flexibility in postures that target areas of the body we often hold tension - in the back, shoulders, + hips - all while staying connected to our mats. This class, designed for all levels, is an antidote to sitting at a desk, driving, + other daily activities that cause tension in our bodies.

FLOW + Let Go

Let’s flow to let go. Experience a well-rounded, 60-minute intermediate/power yoga flow linking movement with breath. This class begins with a warm up to prepare the body + mind to deepen into your practice, followed by an energizing flow with balancing postures, + closes with guided relaxation + rest. Some yoga experience recommended, not required. Modifications are offered throughout class to regress, or progress poses as well as reminders to move at your pace + honor where you are. 

FLOW, Flex, + Sweat

Rise + sweat. This 35-minute strength + cardio class is designed to build skills, strength, + stamina to enhance any intermediate + power practitioner. Begin with a dynamic warmup FLOW + then move into 3 heart pumping circuits - Strength with light hand weights + body weight exercises, Low-Impact Cardio, + Strength with resistance bands. Fresh blowouts beware - this class is guaranteed to make you sweat before you hit your mat for a much-needed savasana.


Come back to your center, slowly. Experience a well-rounded, 60-minute yoga flow that focuses on engaging, strengthening, + stabilizing your core.  Moving slowly helps hone your inner focus while building strength, flexibility, + balance. A proper warmup + cooldown are included before settling into your final relaxation pose - savasana. Don't let the pace fool you, this is an intermediate/power level class. Some yoga experience recommended but all levels are welcome as slow flows include additional time for cueing proper alignment. 

PLANK + PLIÉ Power Barre

This 45-minute fusion of yoga, Pilates, + barre is upbeat + mood boosting. Creative move sequences include core strengthening, cardio peaks, + chances to pulse it out to add heat. Props such as light hand weights, resistance bands, + more elevate heart rate + energy. This class will challenge you to find a new edge each time. Are you ready?! No yoga, Pilates, or barre experience required. Come as you are. Bring your own mat, water, + energy.

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