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Join us for a next level workout or practice right from the comfort of your home.  Options to join live or request a recording.  Recorded links are sent to your email after live class ends + will expire after 2 days.  Reserve your spot on Mindbody + receive your Zoom link for class.


HIIT + never miss with this LIVE, 45 minute workout.  VIRTUAL CARDIO + CORE includes high-intensity interval training, a core crushing ab-blast, + a body-love yoga flow to open + stretch your worked muscles.  The only equipment you need can be found around your house - a mat, a towel, a streaming device, + water. 


Sitting at a desk all day? Do you spend a lot of time in the car? GUNS + BUNS is a 45 minute, upbeat class that focuses on the glutes, legs, + arms -  especially the shoulders - all areas of the body that weaken while we pump out work at our computers all day.  This toning + sculpting class incorporates body weight exercises as well as uses at-home props like light hand weights (make-shift hand weights like soup cans + water bottles will work, too!) to add resistance.  We’ll end each class with a body-love yoga flow to open + stretch your worked muscles. 


Roll out your mat + grab a chair! Our client-favorite class is coming to your living room.  This class will still include our signature warm-up, standing barre work, + mat work that focuses on your core + booty.  All you need is a mat, a towel, a streaming device, + water.  Additional at-home props like toning balls and hand weights may be used.  Don’t have either?  No worries - grab a couch pillow or fold up a towel to mimic a toning ball + grab soup cans or water bottles in place of dumbbells.


Join us for a LIVE, at-home version of our signature class, FLEX + FLOW YOGA SCULPT.  This virtual, live flow will still include creative sculpting moves with power yoga poses + sequencing.  All you need is a mat, a towel, a set of light hand weights, streaming device, + water to participate.  Don’t have yoga blocks, but usually use them during practice?  Get creative with hardcover books,  canisters of protein powder, etc.  Grab a towel or old t-shirt for a yoga strap. 


Yoga + Pilates = STRONG.  YOGA-LATES, a 45 minute blend of power + vinyasa yoga with functional + posture-conscious Pilates movement, is a total-body practice + workout.  This class mixes strength-building moves, flexibility, + mindfulness to serve up a balanced, body-loving session for your muscles, core, spine, + soul.  The only equipment you need is a mat.


Join us for VIRTUAL RISE + FLOW!  This live class includes everything you love about our signature FLEX + FLOW - creative sequences to open + ground, balancing postures, + powerful vinyasa flows - all in 45 minutes to start your day. 

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